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Advanced Graphene Applied Technologies Summit

New materials are the cornerstone of scientific and technological progress and industrial development. They are at the top of the industrial chain and the top end of technical barriers, providing a solid material foundation for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution. In recent years, the development of new materials has spawned subversive cutting-edge energy application technologies. It can be said that the essence of the energy revolution is the revolution of material science.

In order to achieve the dual carbon goal, this forum will undertake the theme of the previous six sessions of technological development and application of graphene in photovoltaic field, and further extend it to Technological Development and Application of New Materials in New Energy Field, gather "three energies" (light energy + hydrogen energy + smart energy), and comprehensively sort out relevant concepts, material characteristics, core technologies and application scenarios. Matter and energy can be transformed into each other, and material is the carrier of matter and energy. In addition to the energy crisis that mankind is facing, the bottleneck problems in various fields such as environment and climate, information electronics and resource utilization are fundamentally energy problems. How to maximize the matter / energy properties of materials is the core to solve energy problems.

This summit will invite local and global scholars, experts and people from the photovoltaic industry to participate in the exchange and discussion, so as to make the forum a professional platform for the in-depth integration and exchange of photovoltaic industry and new materials.