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Fraud Warning Notice

We have just been made aware that a fake organization named “Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Center” has been contacting our exhibitors and conduct fraud activities.

In order to remind everyone to enhance their awareness of self-protection and safeguard SNEC's legitimate rights and interests, we hereby solemnly declare:


1. SNEC PV POWER EXPO has never authorized any third party to conduct “Epidemic Prevention and Control” service. Anyone claiming to be from SNEC PV POWER EXPO is most likely fraudulent.

2. SNEC's ONLY official website:

3. SNEC PV POWER EXPO will never ask you to deposit money into an individual’s personal bank accounts or to transfer money through a specific private money transfer company.

4. Any action not authorized by SNEC Organizing Committee shall be deemed invalid, and we shall not assume any losses and consequences caused by this action.


In order to jointly protect SNEC's reputation and your own interests, please be aware of any fraud related to this. Do not trust unknown text messages, phone calls or faxes. If you find any suspicious case of fraud in the name of SNEC Organizing Committee staff, please timely inform us at 021-64276991.



Organizing Committee of SNEC PV POWER EXPO

Shanghai New Energy Industry Association

February, 2022