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Global Green Energy & PV Financial Summit

The 11th Global Green Energy and PV Financial Summit is being held at a time of new national development. Green is becoming a bright background for high-quality development. At the time of the gradual establishment of the four beams, eight pillars and 1+N policy system for carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, the theme will be Green Finance Contributes to the Realization of Carbon Neutrality focusing on green finance under the constraints of carbon neutralization goals. How to play the role of leading green investment, accelerating the improvement of green investment policies, building a green investment and financing system suitable for carbon peak and carbon neutralization, actively develop green finance, establish and improve the green financial standard system, and develop green finance to expand financial support and investment in green energy systems such as solar energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage and carbon trading, support financial services to green project investment and financing, project operation and risk management.

As a brand meeting of SNEC for 11 consecutive years, the financial summit will gather senior experts, leading enterprises and stakeholders in green finance, photovoltaic and renewable energy industries to focus on discussing the responsibility of green investment when green energy, especially renewable energy is becoming the main body of energy consumption increment during the 14th Five Year Plan period, and when new industries and new business forms such as photovoltaic + energy storage, photovoltaic direct supply and photovoltaic hydrogen production developing greatly. As well as how to play the role of digital finance, science and technology finance and a series of financial instruments in science and technology development, new energy power station construction, operation, trading and building a new energy system, so as to promote the new energy industry to play a greater and more sustainable role in carbon peak and carbon neutralization goals.