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Global Energy Interconnection Technologies and Application Summit

Focusing on building a new power system with new energy as the main body and achieving the dual carbon goal, the photovoltaic industry and the information industry are undertaking the heavy task of energy transformation and technological innovation. The theme of this forum is "New Energy Digitalization Energizing Carbon Neutrality", to promote the deep integration of energy system and information technology, and to exchange knowledge and practice in the process of energy digitization.

For the transformation of the energy structure of "wind, light, water, fire, hydrogen and storage", in the "source, grid, load and storage" system, energy supply security and balance between supply and demand are achieved, and energy storage technology, green hydrogen technology, photovoltaic technology and wind power technology are developed simultaneously; In the "cloud, pipe, edge, end, core, and soft" architecture of energy Internet, industrial Internet, and Internet of Things, key technologies such as digital twins, platform as a service PaaS, power electronics technology, and energy operating system have all made important progress.

This forum will invite local and global scholars, experts, engineers, entrepreneurs and people in the photovoltaic industry from governments, industries, universities, institutes and enterprises to participate in the exchange, and conduct in-depth exchanges and interactions from the aspects of top-level design, technical route, core technology, technological innovation, standard system and demonstration application, so as to make this forum a deep integration of photovoltaic industry and energy Internet, and a professional communication platform for landing and docking to promote the implementation of the dual carbon goal.