Indonesia, with its abundant solar energy potential, is poised to generate a projected 798 GW of solar energy by 2030. The solar energy sector is experiencing exponential growth across ASEAN countries, offering reduced electricity costs and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional energy production methods.

This conference is themed "Building a Sustainable Indonesia with Solar Innovation and Energy Storage". will shed light on how solar energy can strategically contribute to economic growth, job creation, and investment opportunities, all while playing a pivotal role in environmental preservation. It will also facilitate a deeper understanding of the government's commitment to increasing the share of renewable energy to 23% by 2025.

The two-day PVS conference will feature insights from regional policymakers, discussions on the transition from coal to renewables, and a comprehensive view of market trends and opportunities. Attention will also be given to innovative technologies such as Floating Solar and Off-Grid Systems, and cutting-edge Energy Storage Solutions. This event promises to be a crucial gathering for industry leaders and stakeholders shaping the future of energy in the ASEAN region.